It all begins with a passion for perfection. Founded by Nenad Pantovic & Kristijan Popovski in 2014. SIGNORI handcrafts bespoke tailored suits using the finest materials on the market. Everything happens on the cutting table, the company’s core, where expert hands bring to life “ The Tailored Suit ” followed by the production of accessories. Designed to your specifications & requirements, our team of professional stylist ensure you make the right choice for any occasion. Our company was founded on the principle that the impact of bespoke tailoring should be an affordable choice for aspirational men and women, who value making a strong first impression.

Bespoke Tailoring is about more
than clothes, it’s a way of life.


Each garment requires a long time for its making. Like a painting on canvas. Everything must be done with the utmost attention to detail – stitch after stitch after stitch, using a steam iron, treating the lapels and their roundness, quilting thin layers of canvas.

Like a puzzle, all the pieces fit together perfectly. Lines, squares and stitches fall together and re-create the design the customer originally had in mind. Each customer who decides to own a “Bespoke Suit” will have their own “Custom Template”.

By doing so, the tailors will archive all details in the customer’s personal dossier so that in the future, for any upcoming order, the customer will only have the pleasure of selecting the fabric of his liking and avoid unnecessary fitting appointments. There are about thirty hours dedicated to the finishing and complete packaging of a suit. About 30.000 stitches are used to put together a masterpiece conceived by you and perfected by the hands of our experts who create its soul. Starting with the pattern of the suit, working through the canvas (made of horsehair, cotton and camel) up until the last ironing.


Like any piece of art, a bespoke suit requires a long time to be made and everything must be done with the utmost attention to detail. We have chosen and selected only the best fabrics in the European market as guarantee of quality.
The process of choosing the right fabric is firstly by expressing one’s reuqest and taste, but most importantly by “feeling” the fabric with by hand, while listening to our specialist describe with precision and punctuality the hidden virtues and values of the garment. Only this way can one come into contact with what will be a second skin. At SIGNORI you will find thousands of high quality fabrics for suits of all kind. Breathable fabrics, soft, silky to the touch, resistant over time, from classic textures to the most particular. All natural fibres you’ll soon realise you won’t regret choosing. through the canvas (made of horsehair, cotton and camel) up until the last ironing.

“You Never Get A Second Chance to Make a First Impression”

– Will Rogers


Design Signori

– Design –

It all begins with an idea. With the help of our professional style consultants choose from our wide range of premium fabrics and design a suit that fits your every need. This suit will be one of a kind and specifically made for you.

– Create –

Our Master tailors have over 40 years of Neapolitan tailoring. Each one of our garment is made by hand and takes upward of 40 hrs to build. Crafted from premium materials to ensure your suit lasts a lifetime to enjoy.

– Enjoy –

Now it is time to stand out and not just fit in. Our suits give you confidence and drive to empower the real you. We want our customers to enjoy the satisfaction of their suit is a second skin and they are one-of-one.